Device Settings

We are providing Kyocera TaskAlpha 3551ci DIN A3 printers on the printer rooms. There is at least one printer room per level, please look around you, they look like this:



First usage

Set up the printer on your computer or mobile

As always, you need to be inside the HIM network. As some reminder, the "eduroam" or "Uni-Mainz" WLAN is outside the institute. Use a wired connection instead (this situation will change in the near future).

  • Mac: Search for "Virtual Printer @ HIM-Print" and add it to your printers. Done -- start printing.
  • Windows: Install "Bonjour Print Services for Windows" and the printer drivers. Then continue like having a Mac.
  • Linux: - more details will follow -
  • Mobile devices: - more details will follow -

In case you need it: Printer drivers for Mac, Linux and Windows from Koycera.


Assign your key with your account

Hold your key in front of the card reader (the printer will wake up if it isn't):

start up procedure... (1/2)

start up procedure... (2/2)

IMPORTANT: If you are prompted to enter your username and passwort, place your key a second time in front of the reader.

Now you are prompted to enter your HIM username and password.

Done. This procedure has to be done only once.


Print and release

  1. Print to the printer "Virtual Printer @ HIM"
  2. Go to the printer of your choice and release the job -- see below.

Place your key in front of the card reader (necessary to assign the key to your account, see section above "Assign your key with your account").

Press Print all:


or release single jobs after selecting the "print release" menu.