New approaches to search for dark matter

GFK-Fellow Victor Flambaum gives a talk on his HIM-project

Talk on July, 4th at 02 pm

Professor Flambaum directs his research to answer some of the most important, foundational questions in science today: what constituted most of the matter and energy in the universe (embarrassingly, we do not have an answer and most matter and energy are dark for us)? Why is there more “ordinary” matter in the
universe than antimatter (it is this remarkable fact to which we owe our existence)? Which symmetries of Nature are true symmetries and which are violated (parity violation famously breaks the symmetry between left and right)?
Are the laws of Nature as described by the Fundamental Constants invariant in time and space, or are they changing?
In the frame of the nuclear and hadron physics Seminar his talk will mainly cover his research project at the Helmholtz Institute Mainz:
“Laboratory searches for the origin of dark matter: new approaches and theoretical foundations”:

  • Search for linear effects of primordial low-­mass dark matter and topological defects
  • Search for the variation of the fundamental constants of nature
  • Measurements of violation of the fundamental symmetries

The colloquium takes place in Becherweg 45, Hörsaal Kernphysik.
Afterwards HIM invites to a small get-­together with coffee & cake.