PANDA-Collaboration meets at HIM

Hadron physicists discuss particle detector development
Photo: HIM, L. Capozza

The Helmholtz Institute Mainz hosted for the first time a large scale scientific event in its new building.

More than 100 hadron physicists from the PANDA Collaboration came to Mainz for a meeting from 12 to 16 September. The PANDA Collaboration consists of more
than 500 physicists from 17 countries and has the aim of building and operating the upcoming PANDA experiment at the future FAIR facility in Darmstadt.

Technical sessions on particle detector development along with physics talks and discussions on the measurement programme were held.

The annual PhD prize contest of the PANDA Collaboration took place during the meeting and the prize was awarded to Stefan Diehl from the
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen for his doctoral thesis on the development of the electromagnetic calorimeter.

A social programme was also offered to the meeting participants, including a tour of the Roman Mainz, a collaboration dinner at the
Museum for Ancient Navigation in Mainz and a visit of the MAMI facility at the Institute for Nuclear Physics of the Mainz University.


Award winner Stefan Diehl & the PANDA detector

Award winner Stefan Diehl