Printing and Scanning

Some general remarks:

  • The printserver (him-ps) runs on Linux with the PaperCut addition
  • You print into the "Virtual Printer" queue of him-ps and release each job at the printer of your choice.
    • Release your print jobs either with your key (yes, the one for your office door), or
    • login into PaperCut: https://him-ps:9192/ 
  • The printing costs are:
    • per printed DIN A4 0,01€ page (black and white) and 0,06€ (colour). DIN A3 prints are twice the price of DIN A4.
    • Also double sided prints are cheaper and save the environment.
  • The price includes a repair service for the printers, but without paper cost.
  • Please write to in case of hardware or software problems.
  • There is a general maintenance window every first monday of a month from 09:00 - 10:00 during which printing might be temporarily unavailable.
  • The default printer settings are Black&White and double sided.

Printer device access is restricted to regsitered users only. If you are a member of any of the HIM groups you are entitled to print on the devices. Your printing costs will be charged against the groups account.

To setup your printing:

  1. First install the printer on your device
  2. Register your key with the device


In the following the term printer means this piece of hardware:



In case you need it: Printer drivers for Mac, Linux and Windows from Koycera.

We try to provide easy access to the printers from all operating systems, however it is close to impossible to support every os in every setting. Please do no hesitate to contact us in case of problems.

Mac and Linux users should be able to access the printers using Bonjour or dnssd respectively. For Windows we have setup smb for easy access.


On Mac from the system settings menu choose printers&scanner and click on the + icon

The choose Virtual Print Queue @ him-ps

This should copy the ppd files to your system. On the first print you will be asked for your credentials, please use your HIM account here.

Note that the domain prefix should be omitted.


In Windows please use the windows explorer and navigate to \\him-ps


(In case you can not reach the computer "him-ps", try "him-ps.<groupname>" where "<groupname>" is one of the following names: acid, emp, mam, she, specf, thfl.)


You'll be asked for your credentials. Please note that here you will need to use the UNI-MAINZ\ prefix.

Upon successfull login you'll see two different printers.

The printer with the label automatic installation can be double clicked (or right-click -> connect), to automatically download the driver for the printer. In case you encounter problems  or you rather want the latest special driver for that device, we additionally provide a second option, named Local Installation. Upon connection to the local installation printer you will be asked to provide the appropriate drivers yourself.

Possible issues:

  • You may receive an error 0x000006d1
    Possible Soultions:
    You can change the registry key

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers] to read
    You can use this patch file alternatively.
    NOTE: A reboot is needed.
    If you feel uneasy patching your registry use the second print share Local Installation and provide print drivers directly.


For desktop environments you can use the configuration tools provided with your flavour of Linux. The print queue is ipp://him-ps/printers/Kyocera_MFP_TASKalfa_3551ci .

(Alternativ: connect to the printer via Samba, die printer share reads "Kyocera MFP TASKalfa 3551ci - Local Installation")

For ubuntu a sample config might look like the following

Click on add. On the next screen try to find the printer on the host him-ps

Next choose forward for automatic driver download.

Try to print a page, you'll be asked for your credentials. Note that the test page will not trigger this.

You are setup.


Assign your key with your account

Hold your key in front of the card reader (the printer will wake up if it isn't):

start up procedure... (1/2)

start up procedure... (2/2)

IMPORTANT: If you are prompted to enter your username and passwort, place your key a second time in front of the reader.

Now you are prompted to enter your HIM username and password.

Done. This procedure has to be done only once.


Print and release

  1. Print to the printer "Virtual Printer @ HIM"
  2. Go to the printer of your choice and release the job -- see below.

Place your key in front of the card reader (necessary to assign the key to your account, see section above "Assign your key with your account").

Press Print all:


or release single jobs after selecting the "print release" menu.



Scan and Copy

All devices are open for you not only to print but also to scan and copy. Log in with your key (see chapter above about printing) and select "Scan" respectively "Device Functions" (to copy). 

Your scans will be send to the samba share scans on the computer him-ps. Navigate to \\him-ps\scans\ (on Windows) or smb://him-ps/scans/ (on macOS) to download your scans.