SFB 1044

The Institute of Nuclear Physics in Mainz and the Collaborate Research Center 1044 (SFB 1044) hold its annual SFB School in Boppard, which covers the current research activities of the SFB 1044.


The SFB School is held annually to discuss topics and activities related to the Collaborative Research Centre 1044 (SFB 1044). The school is designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere for meeting people that work in the various projects and for taking part in in-depth discussions.The two-and-a-half-day event offers expert lectures on theoretical and experimental physics. Prof. Dr. Adam Szczepaniak, Director of the Nuclear Theory Center at Indiana University will be the key speaker on theoretical physics. Further speakers will be announced shortly. Talks by the key speakers will be held in the mornings followed by contributions from graduate students and postdocs in the afternoon.

As in former years, the school is being held in scenic Boppard, where it is possible to combine discussions with pleasant walks and panoramic views.

Detailed information and registration: https://indico.mitp.uni-mainz.de/event/89/